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it's always great to see the catching up of the rest of China and wonderful to see that HK is always used as the Benchmark.

however we need to re-assess the claim that HK is completely losinng it's competitive edge vs its Chinese peers with a grain of salt.

don't want to drag on too much on the intellectual discussions this time as that's been done trillions of times by the academics, but would like to throw in an illustration:

I watched a basket match between the HK basket team and the Fujian basket team on TVB yesterday (well the heat was just unbearable and might as well stayed in-doors). From the look, the Fujian team was completely dominating the match, leading the scores for the first 3 sessions, they were much well-built and taller than the HK team and their attact-defence tactics were much better as well. Even in the 4th session, it didn't seem things would turn around a bit. For audience like my dad or myself, we were almost giving up on the match in the last 5min. However, things did turn around very dramatically in the last 3 mins and the HK team scored probably 10 points within that short peroid and eventually won the match by 4 points.

food for thought: I guess that's not just the abilities to win, but more importantly the willingness to win.

so HK: are you ready to fight?