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很多人在一生中總的花了不少時間在尋尋覓覓!我們應該在適當的時候靜下來想想:究竟自己生命中最需要的是什麼? 我已找到了嗎?

L.F.Tang said...

試就你過去的歷練, 總結你的人生感悟。相信這樣是有助你定立正確的方向和焦點,找到自己生命中最需要的東西。

duckba said...

Dear Miss Cheung

Maybe its " GOD" remind you to share more time on your family, they need your care and concern...BALANCE, it seems that you put too much time on your job and your blog and can see many third parties comments coming out to remind you that...

Best Rgds

L.F.Tang said...

Duckba : 其實, 張小姐也經常在餘暇時爭取與家人相聚的時間。我先後在中學生十大好書頒獎禮中和校友日裡, 看到她與家人一起出席。此外, 從她的 Blog 中所見, 他們的家庭生活也是多采多姿, 他們抽空與子女一起看書、繪畫、做甜品、打球、晚膳、 ....。 作為一位成功的現代女性, 她已盡力在兩者之間取得一個平衡。

我所指的是另一樣更重要的事情, 想必 Lavender 一定會明白。

Anonymous said...

As one of the most high profile TV anchors in HK, I'm sure a lot of people are envious of you. They express their envy in many bizarre ways. I don't think a person as intelligent as you are will be affected by these people and their comments.

Keep up the good work. You're an inspiration.

Jacky said...


試試將相機內的記憶卡取出, 看看能不能直接放進電腦的插卡位 (一般 notebook 都有好幾個插卡位)..

再不能的話, 告訴我們你用什麼型號相機, 或者會有奇績出現....

duckba said...

Today I almost out of control in office and I talked with my boss around 3 hours in his room, from 1300 to 1600. I always thought I'm doing the right thing. But he said you are wrong, sometimes 你所做認為對的事在別人眼中是錯的, 但不自覺. 我的意思是想張小姐休息多些, because we are human, only got 24 hours per day, how to chasing day and night, you have to take rest, doing exercise and thinking, Miss Cheung is my idol 當我讀中六的時候, until now i'm 28, i'm still reading her blog everydays...Anyway, wishing you all have Merry X'mas.

Time to take a break and ....clear our mind.

duckba said...

心思仔細 才有幸跟你蜜運
你教我怎樣做人...Very good song ...Lyrics, 林夕

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Celeste said...

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