Friday, October 03, 2008

charlie rose訪問畢菲特

股神畢菲特趁金融海嘯,閃電出擊買平貨。他與名嘴charlie rose的對話充滿精句:

‧政府不是花錢 (spending),而是投資(investing)...以低殘價錢買東西是我最喜歡做的事,可惜我沒有7000億。
‧ 世上有三個「I」:開創者innovators, 模仿者 imitators和白癡idiots


A股 US$137,900, 升US$900 (+0.66%)
B股 US$4596.01, 升US$31.01 (+0.68%)


阪本龍一 said...



>>‧ 世上有三個「I」:開創者直
innovators, 模仿者 imitators和白癡idiots<<








wing said...

From the interview I can see why the American are still no. 1 in many different fields in the world. I also see why American people have confidence in their government in handling crisis and why they are proud of their political system. Some crucial predictions were made by the interviewee, we can verify his predictions when event unfolds itself in the coming months. The interview is very rich in content and is worth watching. One thing puzzles me: why Pearl Harbor was repeatedly used as analogy for the current financial crisis? Could it be that something have been suspected, but should not be talked about openly at the moment?


Super Saiyan 3 said...


Warren Buffett不止会说,还会做,应该好好学习才对.他为人风趣,总想方设法以简单的比喻让我们理解复杂的难题.他在金融方面的精细计算,古往今来数一数二.



Anonymous said...


Unfortunately yesterday's closing price for Berkshire Hathaway was only USD 118,000 per share (down 15% from your USD 137,000 level, just in a few days).

“股海无涯", 小心,小心!



Anonymous said...

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