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Great to hear your thoughts and reflections upon some of the most interesting topics of Human History: "money, money, money - that's the rich man's word...."

Guess to most people, Money is just one of the means, but not the end game.

some of our behaviours / dreams / longings are pretty much exemplified in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs:

-- Physiological;
-- Safety;
-- Love/Belonging/Social;
-- Esteem;
-- Self Actualization

and interestingly you might ask a question: what are the dreams / goals of all these Olympians who have practised their hearts out in the last few years if not their whole life and waiting for the moment to define themselves starting from tonight 8:08 8/8/2008..... and maybe we might have a slight glimpse of the moment of truth in the mid of the races!

Happy Beijing Olympics!


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