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「狼圖騰」is quite an interesting book. I guess there is always a hidden hero driven by an unlimited ego within every person that we all want to do something great one day. but too much a comfortable life fades our dreams and tires our soul that we are all willing to settle for a risk-free life, just like what the book says that people are settling in as farmers, as life is quite predictable and supply of food is handy. And overtime that washes away our toughness and drive to accomplish and fulfill our callings.

That compared to the hunters who are "dancing with wolves" day and night, risking their lives while riding on the most viscious and strongest horses on earth to protect their herds is just beyond our sheer imagination. It's pretty much a game of "survival of the fittest" coming true in the wild. And obviously the part that a young student to get into the wolf caves and grab the baby wolves away from the mother-wolf is equally blood-raising if not suicidal.

If you look at Tiger Woods who just won the U.S. Open in his broken knee (which he just had his 4th operation and clinches to his 14th major Titles), the driver is probalby not only his strength, but his mind which is as stiff as steel, and his drive to succeed, as hot as the blood of the wolf!

Get well soon!


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高考成績不算太好.但一直都好想讀新聞傳理..11號要到樹仁大學面試了..我想請教你..當group interview時..我應該要積極爭取發言還是怎樣?..
我中化d..ue e..中史c..其實真係好驚樹仁唔收...可以指點一下嗎?..


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